ASB Waterfront Theatre – 16, 17, 18, 19 December 2022

BOOK TICKETS NOW! GREASEclick here to book GREASE Young@Part  –  click here to book (a junior version of Grease, which has been specially adapted for young performers and a young audience. Running time is 70 minutes with no interval – all matinee performances)
GREASE 4 evening performances – 16, 17, 18, 19 December 2022 at the ASB Waterfront Theatre GREASE Young@part 4 matinee performances – 17 (x 2), 18, 19 December 2022 at the ASB Waterfront Theatre Registrations are now closed. Tickets for both productions will be on sale early in Term 4. We will be doing something very different for our December show and will be running two separate productions. We will be working on Grease Young@part with students aged 14 and under, which has been specifically adapted so it is age-appropriate for both the students participating and for a younger audience to watch. We will be working with our senior students, aged 15 and above, on the full version of Grease. 2023 SCHOOL OF ROCK 4-6 performances, July 2023 (students aged 7-21+ years) Registrations open mid-Term 4. Rehearsals commence in February 2023