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More information about our Grease programmes is below. Friday 22 July: We have limited spaces available now on our Grease programme and currently, we are running a waiting list for our Hollywood (ages 7&8), Level 1 (ages 9-11) and Level 2 (ages 12-14) groups. We currently have very limited spaces available in our Level 3 group for ages 15-21+
GREASE (Full version for senior students) 4 evening performances, 16, 17, 18, 19 December 2022 (students aged 15+, as of 30 July 2022) GREASE Young@part 4 matinee performances, 16, 17, 18, 19 December 2022 (students aged 7-14 years, as of 30 July 2022) Registrations will open to the general public on Friday 3 June. A live link to the registration form will be available here on this page and on our Facebook page. We will be doing something very different for our December show and will be running two separate productions. We will be working on Grease Young@part with students aged 14 and under, which has been specifically adapted so it is age-appropriate for both the students participating and for a younger audience to watch. We will be working with our senior students, aged 15 and above, on the full version of Grease.  We hope to double cast the lead, featured and cameo roles for both productions and each will have its own dance troupe, allowing plenty of opportunities for students across all age groups. A student’s age is determined by the age they are on 30 July 2022 – the start of Semester 2. If they have a birthday during the semester, they will only move up into the next group the following semester. Therefore, they will remain in the same group for the duration of the Grease programme. For both the senior (full version) and Young@part productions, we will be offering the option of the Broadway and West End programme: Broadway students will attend Saturday show rehearsals at the same time each week in their year groups. In addition, they will attend weekly musical theatre training workshops, where they will receive intensive musical theatre training in singing, acting, different styles of dance, and performance skills, from current industry professionals on Wednesday evenings. Students will rotate, in their age groups, around 3 x 45-minute training workshops each week. In addition, Broadway students can audition for a lead role and to be part of the dance troupe. West End students (which includes our younger Hollywood students) will attend Saturday show rehearsals, in their age groups, along with the Broadway students. They will be on stage for all performances of the production they are registered for, at the ASB Waterfront Theatre in December. Rehearsals commence Saturday 30 July. REGULAR WEEKLY SCHEDULE Saturday (All Students) Venue:  Takapuna – to be confirmed GREASE YOUNG@PART (ages 7-14 years as at 30 July 2022) 12pm – 1.15pm: Hollywood, West End Level 1, and Broadway Level 1 (regular rehearsal time). 7-11 years 1.15pm – 2.15pm:  Dance troupe / Lead rehearsals 2.15pm – 3.30pm. West End Level 2, Broadway Level 2 (regular rehearsal time). 12 – 14 years GREASE – FULL (SENIOR) VERSION (ages 15+ years as at 30 July 2022) 3.30pm – 4.30pm: Dance troupe / Lead rehearsals 4.30pm – 6pm: West End Level 3, Broadway Level 3 (regular rehearsal time) 15-21+ years 6pm – 6.30pm: Lead rehearsals Wednesday (ALL Broadway students) Venue: Taitamariki Hall, 8 Auburn Street, Takapuna 6.30pm – 9pm – Broadway students typically rotate between 3 x 45-minute musical theatre classes (singing, acting, dancing) until 9 November, when full cast rehearsals will commence Numbers for Grease and Grease Young@part are restricted and registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. 2023 SCHOOL OF ROCK 6 performances, July 2023 (students aged 7-21+ years) Rehearsals commence in February 2023